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As told by Theodore Bryant (NCCB member)

The North Carolina supporters of the blind community have had a long standing belief that blind employees should be treated equally and fairly in the workforce as would any other productive citizen. It is with this bedrock position as one of our guiding principles that the beginnings of what now is the North Carolina Council of the Blind first took steps back in 1959 advancing along a new,  independent and separate path as they disassociated from NFB.

For a period of time North Carolina was without a National Organization. A group of visually impaired person throughout the state felt that it was important to be affiliated with a national organization that was devoted to the causes and concerns of the blind. In searching for just the right organization the group was intrigued by the principles of the American Council of the Blind. And it was on a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1967 that a new organization known as the North Carolina Council of the Blind was born within the walls of the old Library in Greensboro.

On that day three representatives from the national organization, American Council of the Blind, came to Greensboro to assist with NCCB’s founding members as together they formulated the foundation of guidelines that we still cherish and adhere to even now and as we move forward into the future. From the national organization our North Carolina charter member team was guided by Durwood McDaniel, Oral Miller and Floyd Quals. The original founders of NCCB consisted of Marie Boring, Edison Craddock, Theodore Bryant, Brady Jones and Marvin Gatlin.

As the local and nation teams crafted the initial structure it was apparent that a President, Vice President and Secretary would need to be appointed. Appointed to these critical initial positions were Marvin Gatlin, Edison Craddock and Marie Boring. From the meeting the group group began to organize the blind across North Carolina into the North Carolina Council of the Blind as a statewide affiliate of the American Council of the Blind.

The first State Convention was held in Charlotte, NC.  Present were many from Charlotte, including Edward and Connie Miller, who were a great asset to the organization.  It was at this event that the first local chapter was formed in Charlotte followed by Greensboro and Raleigh.  Later Durham formed a chapter and joined as well.  

The second State Convention was held in Greensboro, at the O’Henry Hotel.  From these beginnings, membership began to grow throughout the state.  Towns such as:  Asheville, Hickory, Winston Salem, and Burlington begin to form chapters and became an integral part of our statewide affiliation.  By the time our third state convention took place in Durham the NCCB affiliate organization was going strong. Theodore Bryant was elected President at the third convention held in Durham.  He served in this capacity for the following six years.  

As NCCB continued working to enrich the lives of North Carolina’s blind community we always welcomed representatives from the National organization.  Oral Miller and Durwood McDaniel would often visit the chapters to give us inspirational presentations and guidance. As a result of leadership’s positive influences NCCB continued to grow through many of our cities. Members joined as far East as Wilmington.

As time progressed and The North Carolina Council of the Blind became more prominent we began to send representatives from the state organization to the National organization’s ACB Conventions.

The state organization continued to participate in the activities of an important community partner, the NCFB Credit Union, based in Greensboro.  Several members held office in the NCFB Credit Union.  Marvin Gatlin served as President, Brady Jones served on the board, and Theodore Bryant served as a credit officer in the Credit Union.  

The North Carolina Council of the Blind has been in existence for 51 years. 

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