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NCCB Welcomes You

North Carolina Council of the Blind

Our Mission

To promote awareness, education, employment and access to public accommodations for all blind and visually impaired citizens of North Carolina. To this end, we believe that visually impaired persons can contribute to society and lead productive and independent lives with dignity.

Awareness  –  Education  –  Employment  –  Advocacy



NCCB has a continuing and ongoing interactive relationship with the communities of North Carolina. We are proud to have close, personal relationships with our friends, neighbors and business partners. Through our programs and activities NCCB enlightens folks in our state about the significant challenges blind and low vision citizen face every day while also demonstrating their incredible potential.


NCCB assist blind and low vision citizens of North Carolina through their learning years  with scholarship programs. Additionally, through our NCCB network of members and communities we also provide state-wide reaching resources to help blind and low vision students reach their full potential.



The Bureau of Labor Statistic reports that in the U.S. approximately 64% of blind working aged individuals are unemployed. Working in tandem with state and federal agencies NCCB puts those with varying degrees of blindness in touch with prospective employment opportunities. Through this collaborative mission we develop an increased understanding of blindness and vision loss while demonstrating that persons with vision loss does not have to mean they are a person who cannot contribute to society and community.


The North Carolina supporters of the blind community have had a long standing belief that blind employees should be treated equally and fairly in the workforce as would any other productive citizen. It is with this bedrock position as one of our guiding principles that NCCB proactively through all levels of governmental institutions continues to take action to advance the hopes and interests of its members.


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