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NCCB 2023 State Convention Information

Please join us for the 2023 NCCB State Convention


Friday Sept 22 – Sunday Sept 24


Holiday Inn Raleigh-Durham Airport
930 Airport Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560


(use Block Code NCB when booking your room)

Hotel Room Rate:

$118.00 plus tax per night
Includes breakfast

Convention Registration Fee:

$25.00 (Online Registration)
$35.00 (At the Door Registration)

Registration fee includes a Boxed Lunch

Banquet Registration Fee:

$30.00 (Online Registration)
$35.00 (At the Door Registration)

Banquet Menu:

Sirloin Steak / Grilled Salmon
Potatoes & Vegetable
Coffee & Iced Tea
Chocolate Cake / Carrot Cake

2023 NCCB State Convention Agenda

  • Friday September 22nd
    • 3:00pm – 5:00pm
      • Check in at hotel
    • 7:00pm – 7:15pm
      • Welcoming Remarks – Lacey Coward, President
    • 7:15pm – 7:45pm
      • Speaker – Division of Services for the Blind – Cynthia Speight, Director
    • 7:45pm – 8:25pm
      • Speaker – State Library of NC Accessible Books and Library Services – Catherine Rubin, Regional Librarian
    • 8:25pm – 8:55pm
      • Speaker – NC Statewide Independent Living Council – Gloria Ganton, Executive Director
    • 8:55pm – 9:05pm
      • Door Prize Giveaway
    • 9:05pm – 9:30pm
      • Chapter Reports – Alamance, Charlotte, Durham & Raleigh/Wake Candidates Forum
    • 9:30pm
      • Door prize Giveaway
      • Closing Remarks & Adjournment – Lacey Coward, President
  • Saturday September 23rd
    • 7:00am – 8:30am
      • Breakfast
    • 8:30am – 8:45am
      • Registration
    • 9:00am – 9:05am
      • Welcome & Opening Remarks – Lacey Coward, President
    • 9:05am – 9:10am
      • Pledge of Allegiance
    • 9:10 – 9:20am
      • Invocation – Rev. Charles Brooks – Poplar Springs Christian Church
    • 9:35am – 9:40am
      • Mayor’s Welcome – T J Cawley, Mayor of Morrisville
    • 9:40am – 9:55am
      • Abbott Diabetes Care – Pam Lisi
    • 9:55am – 10:05am
      • Vanda Pharmaceuticals – Vicki Preddy, MSN RN Nurse Educator
    • 10:05am – 10:30am
      • Break and Door Prizes
    • 10:30am – 10:50am
      • NC Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Brittany Hawley, Assistive Technologist, NC Assistive Technology Program
    • 10:50am – 11:05am
      • Environmental Access – Becky Davidson
    • 11:05am – 11:20am
      • Disability Rights NC – Lena Welch
    • 11:20am – 11:35am
      • Remarks From Keynote Speaker – TBA
    • 11:35am – 12:00pm
      • Announcements & Remarks – Lacey Coward, President
      • Door Prizes
    • 12:00pm – 1:00pm
      • Lunch
    • 1:00pm – 4:00pm
      • Exhibits
    • 7:00pm – 8:30pm
      • Invocation – Rev. Donald Rains
      • Banquet
      • Keynote Speaker – TBA
      • Scholarship Awards – Sandi Owens
      • Closing Remarks and Door Prizes – Lacey Coward, President
  • Sunday September 24th
    • 7:00am – 8:00am
      • Breakfast
    • 8:30am – 11:30am
      • General Business Meeting
        • Welcome and Call to Order – Lacey Coward, President
        • Invocation – Rev. Timothy Snyder
        • Secretary’s Report
        • Treasurer’s Report
        • President’s Report
        • Committee Reports
          • Audit Report
          • Brady Jones Report
          • Budget Report
          • Investment Report
          • Membership Report
          • Scholarship Report
          • State Convention Report
    • 10:00am – 10:15am
      • Break
    • 10:15am – 11:30am
      • Dorr Prizes
      • Old Business
      • New Business
      • Final Remarks – ACB Representative
      • Final Remarks – Lacey Coward, President
      • Final Door Prizes
    • 11:30am
      • Adjournment – See you at our next NCCB Convention

More convention information coming soon!

NCCB 2023 Officer Candidates

In order to vote for the candidates below, you must attend the North Carolina Council of the Blind’s convention. The convention will begin on Sept. 22nd and end on Sept. 24th. The election will take place on Sept. 24th. So just go to and sign up for the convention today


Sandi Owens


My name is Sandi Owens. I am an active graduate student at North Carolina Central University, studying to become a Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Blind and a Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist. I currently volunteer at the Vision Resource Center in Fayetteville, NC where I teach/train individuals who are blind VoiceOver, JAWS, and other accessibility features/programs. I am hoping to serve as the President of NCCB because I believe in the mission and will bring quality knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the organization. 

First Vice-President

Tim Snyder

My name is Tim Snyder. I am interested in running for the position of First Vice-President and serving in that position on the NCCB Board of Directors. I have served as both President and Vice-President of GMSAA and am now serving as Treasurer of that organization. For more than 30 years I have served as President of Spoken Word Ministries, Inc., an organization serving those who are blind or visually impaired. My education is from GMS, UNC and Duke University. I have served on the NCCB Board previously and have chaired various NCCB committees. I will be able to bring experienced leadership to the Board. I also wish to support the elected president and share a vision for the ideas the President will bring to NCCB. I would appreciate your vote when that time arrives.

I hope that a part of your involvement with this organization will be to vote in this upcoming election. If I am elected, I will seek to serve the organization faithfully and will be a participant in the progress of this organization. Thanks much and God bless. 

Second Vice-President

Ricky Scott

I, Ricky Scott, submit this formal notice of my candidacy for the position of Second Vice-President  of the NC Council of the Blind. To facilitate the decision making process of your support of my candidacy for this position, I wish to provide you back ground information concerning my education, Council service,   and future goals for our state affiliate.

First, in regards to my education, I am a graduate of the Governor Morehead School for the Blind where I gained an excellent education and where I had an opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities such as wrestling, track and field and student government. While at GMS, both in academe and athletics, I learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork as the most effective means for leadership and problem-solving. Upon graduation from GMS, I had an opportunity to attend several of our state universities: UNC ChapelHill, UNC Charlotte and NC State University where I earned by BS,. Masters and doctorate degrees respectively. From the education gained from these universities, I learned much pertaining to effective leadership of organizations and people and those skilles necessary for that effective leadership, which have proven to be valuable to me not only in my general interactions but also in specific areas of leadership in organizations such as  NCCB.

Second, in regards to NCCB  service, I previously served one  term as second vice President.    Also, for the past several years I have served on several Council committees which include the following: Brady Jones, constitution and policy.

Third, with respect to future goals for the Council, it is my hope that you will join together with me in working to accomplish the following goals over the next two years: to continue to grow our membership,   to work with local chapters to install accessible pedestrian street crossings in municipalities    and   to continue to collaborate on ways to build relations with other consumer and advocacy organizations across North Carolina.

As I conclude my notice of candidacy for the position of Second Vice-President, let me say that I appreciate having had the opportunity to have served the Council over these years and it is my hope that you will entrust me with serving you as Second Vice-President for the next two years so that we can  achieve those  goals previously mentioned. Thanks in advance for your consideration and your vote. 


Ashley Coleman

Dear NCCB membership.

I am writing to express my genuine interest in the position of Secretary or Member-at-Large for the North Carolina Council of the Blind. With a strong commitment to empowering visually impaired individuals and a solid background in providing technical support, I believe I can contribute significantly to the council in this role.

During my tenure as a Technical Support Associate at Conduent, I had the privilege of assisting individuals with diverse technical issues. This position required me to possess excellent problem-solving skills, strong communication abilities, and a patient and empathetic approach. I understand the importance of providing prompt and effective support to individuals facing technological challenges, and I am dedicated to ensuring that everyone has equal access to the resources they need.

Beyond my technical support experience, I am deeply passionate about mentorship and advocacy. I have actively participated in programs such as the Envisioning Youth Empowerment Retreat, where I served as the Registration Coordinator and Mentor. This role allowed me to empower young individuals and guide them in navigating their unique paths. It reinforced my belief in the transformative power of mentorship and inspired me to extend my advocacy efforts beyond the retreat.

By combining my technical expertise with my commitment to mentorship and advocacy, I believe I can make a meaningful impact as a Secretary or Member-at-Large. I am dedicated to ensuring effective communication within the council, managing administrative tasks efficiently, and actively advocating for the rights and inclusivity of visually impaired individuals. My experience in technical support has equipped me with strong problem-solving and communication skills, which will be valuable in addressing any challenges that may arise and finding innovative solutions.

In conclusion, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the North Carolina Council of the Blind in the capacity of Secretary or Member-at-Large. My background in technical support, coupled with my passion for mentorship and advocacy, makes me well-suited for this role. I am committed to promoting the council’s mission, supporting its initiatives, and working towards a more inclusive society.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing my qualifications further and the opportunity to contribute to the North Carolina Council of the Blind.

Ashley Coleman. 

Assistant Secretary

Shannon Garner

Dear Members of the North Carolina Council of the Blind,

I am writing to nominate myself for the position of Assistant Secretary for the North Carolina Council of the Blind (NCCB) for the next two years. Having served in this role for the previous two years, I am eager to continue contributing to the success of our organization.

During my previous term, I fulfilled my responsibilities diligently, maintaining accurate records and actively participating in discussions. If re-elected, I am committed to upholding the NCCB’s values and advocating for individuals with visual impairments. I will focus on enhancing outreach efforts, promoting accessibility initiatives, and fostering positive relationships with partners and agencies.

With my organizational skills and effective communication, I am confident in my ability to fulfill the Assistant Secretary role with dedication and efficiency. I kindly request your support for my nomination.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I appreciate the opportunity to continue serving the NCCB.

Shannon Garner. 


Chris Flynt

My name is Chris Flynt. I live in Winston-Salem, and I am totally blind from RP.

This email is to notify you of my intent to become the next Treasurer for the NCCB. Please throw my hat in the ring!

Over the past almost 60 years, I’ve gotten married, bought  a house, received a Bachelor’s of Science Business Administration degree with a Management major and Computer Science minor and went blind. I put 20 years in at IFB and retired from there in May. I am currently Executive Director of Blind Power Company, Inc and serve as Treasurer on the Solutions for Independence Living Centers in Winston-Salem, and a member of the Twin City Host Lions Club and the Kiwanis of Clemmons.

Thank you for this opportunity in advance.

Blind Power!

Chris Flynt
Executive Director
Blind Power Company Inc
Office: 336-923-5317

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Assistant Treasurer

Tim Spaulding

My name is Tim Spaulding and I am seeking the position of Assistant Treasurer. I have a background in technology and have served on the board of the Metrolina Association for the Blind in Charlotte for several years. I have a servant mentality and a willingness to help the organization and its members. I believe I can assist the treasurer, board and organization as a whole by bringing technology and process to make tasks easy and repeatable.


Eastern Member-At-Large Seat

Regina Gore Evans

I have served on the South Carolina Council for independent living for 5 1/2 years I have worked as an advocate I am a North Carolina Lion I would look forward to serving on the NCCB board to help educate and advocate for the visually impaired and blind. My name is Regina Gore Evans. 

Western Member-At-Large Seat

May Davis

Good Evening, I am a member of the North Carolina Council of the Blind and have served on the Board as a Member at Large for the past year.  I would consider it a privilege to be elected to serve for another term.

I presently serve on the Publicity Committee of NCCB, and was active with the At-Large chapter. I am first Vice President of the Braille Revival League and am interested in starting a chapter of that ACB affiliate in North Carolina.     

May Davis

In order to vote for these candidates, you must attend the North Carolina Council of the Blind’s convention. The convention will begin on Sept. 22nd and end on Sept. 24th. The election will take place on Sept. 24th. So just go to and sign up for the convention today

Check out this page again soon for more news about this year’s great NCCB State Convention